Our Products

VisionCare Devices works closely with medical professionals to design and manufacture products that precisely meet the needs of the market.

OEM manufacturing is available, contact us for details.

Pending FDA Approval



Our workhorse vitrector, suitable for most surgical situations. This vitrector has accomplished 11,000 CPM*, or 22,000 CPM* with dual cutting blade. This vitrector will be the mainstay vitrector for many years to come.

*CPM is verified under lab conditions



An autoclavable polymer vitrector. This vitrector can be autoclaved for sterility purposes. This reduces cost and allows for sterilization at the surgical site.

Cleaning and autoclave validation pending.



A specialty anterior surgical vitrector. This vitrector is an economical model utilized for Anterior surgeries. This model can be disposable or autoclavable. This model is perfect for OEMs with a need to provide the vitrector in their cataract or IOL surgical kits.

Coming Soon



An autoclavable aluminum vitrector. This vitrector is a long term or semi-reusable autoclavable model. This style of vitrector is best suited for university or teaching clinics. This model can also be easily customizable to add grip features or custom names or colors can also be utilized.



A specialty probe. This probe is customizable for grip, gauge, and lengths, making it versatile for unique surgical techniques and requirements. It can be supplied sterile or non-sterile autoclavable. 

New Products Coming Soon

VisionCare Devices is well into the development process for innovative new designs for vitrectors, light sources and transmission fibers.