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Precision Tools

VisionCare Devices is a Northern California based company that produces top-grade medical instruments used in Ophthalmic surgeries where quality and precision really matter.

Bringing 25 years of manufacturing expertise, the products we make are carefully engineered to be the best in the industry. We are always thinking ahead to how we can improve and push the envelope a little further.

VisionCare Devices has extremely clean manufacturing space and capacity for OEM manufacturing with stringent requirements

Class 8 Clean Room

FDA Registered

ISO 13485:2016 Certified

Surgical Performance

VisionCare Devices has differentiated itself from competitors in the field due to the ingenuity and engineering talents of the team, and especially our lead product designer and COO Rick Morgan.

Our vitrectors boast the fastest cutting speeds available. Faster cuts mean smoother operations. The precision tools that we manufacture match the surgeon's skill and expertise, and make the patient’s experience better.

A combination of visionary design, precise engineering, specialized proprietary coatings, world-class equipment, and well-trained, long-term staff allow us to create cutting tools that achieve record rates of 11,000 cuts per minute*.

*CPM measurements are verified under lab conditions.

Precision Tools
Precise Results


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